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1)    100% HALAL BOVINE GELATIN POWDER        2)    100% HALAL BOVINE COLLAGEN POWDER       3)    HYDROLYZED KERATIN PEPTIDE COLLAGEN 4)    CHICKEN COLLAGEN POWDER                       5)    FISH GELATIN POWDER                                 6)    PURE FISH COLLAGEN POWDER                    7)    OX BILE POWDER                                                8)    PROTEIN PLUS BINDER                                     9)    HALAL BOVINE PROCESSED SPLITS HIDE FOR  PRODUCE GELATIN & COLLAGEN  POWDER.            10)   COLD PRESSED OIL OF OMEGA-3 & OMEGA-6    FATTY ACIDS                                                            11)    LEMON GRASS EXTRACT POWDER.                                                                      12)    GINSENG PEPTIDE                                           13)    SEA CUCUMBER PROTEIN PEPTIDE             14)    MARINE FISH COLLAGEN PEPTIDE              15)    WALNUT PROTEIN PEPTIDE                         16)    OVALBUMIN PROTEIN PEPTIDE                        17)    OYSTER PROTEIN PEPTIDE                          18)    GELATIN SHEET                                           19)    BONE MEAL                                                 20)    DI-CALCIUM PHOSPHATE                             21)    OSSEIN FOR GELATIN RAW MATERIALS         22)    BONE GLUE FOR AMINO ACID                    23)    ELEPHANT WHITE GLUE                            24)    ANIMAL GLUE PEARL                                   25)    CRUSHED HOOVES & HORNS RAW AND  STEAMED DEGELATINISED BONE PIECE                26) ACTIVE PHARMACEUTICALS INGREDIENTS (API) 27) VETERINARY DRUG PRODUCTS                        28) HUMAN DRUG PRODUCTS                                    29) DRIED SILKWORM PUPAE                                 30) MORINGA LEAF POWDER

Our Products

(We are manufacturing Halal Bovine Processed Splits Hide for produce Gelatin & Collagen Powder, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Food Ingredients,100% Halal Bovine Gelatin Powder, Chicken Collagen type :II,Hydrolyzed Keratin Peptide type :V etc.)

Halal Bovine Processed Splits Hide

Category: Raw materials of Bovine Gelatin & Collagen Powder

Product specification 

Product description:

We have been working for 10  years as specialists-suppliers of bovine split leather for producers of gelatin, proteins,collagen.

We are able to offer you Cattle Hide Splits for your Gelatin production. Actually our company are selling to gelatin producers around the world and in Central and South America ours customer was confirmed China are buying raw material.

Due to our packaging system, the material can be stored for long periods. When the materials are salted it can be seen as more wrinkled, due to the salt effect, but after soak with water in your factory the view will be fresh material. The usual Yield with our Salted material is 14% with 50% humidity.

The average thickness is 3 mm, sometimes more, depending on the production.

We are in disposition to offer you:

Humidity: 50% humidity.

Quality: 60% bellies and shoulders retails + 40% trimmings

Yield: 14% with our material.

Our usual Customer informed us about the different yield obtained:

16% Yield with Local fresh material

14% Yield with our Salted material

12% Yield with Dry material

Storage:In a clean and dry place.        Conservation:This merchandise has an alkaline and saline treatment for its perfect conservation. 

Packaging:This split is supplied in bales of about 1100 Kgs 

Documentation:This product complies with the requirements of the European health authorities (regulation 853/04 CEE) for the manufacture of human and animal food.


Category: Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients

What is Ox Bile Powder?

Ox bile powder or sodium chlorinate is a dietary supplement thxat helps improve bile secretion and digestion. It is the purified part of the ox’s bile acquired through the evaporation of the concentrated bile’s alcoholic extract. It is soft solid with a yellowish green color and a slightly bitter taste.

Why is Ox Bile Extract Good For You?

Ox bile extract is good for you because it offers an array of health benefits, which includes the following:

Aids in digesting fats and cholesterol

Bile is produced by the liver to aid in the digestion of fats and cholesterol. However, if your body doesn't produce enough bile, then you will need a supplement like ox bile extract. This supplement is commonly used because it has a similar chemical composition to human bile.

Assists in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins

Ox bile extract is believed to assist in the absorption of vitamins A, D, E, and K in your body. These fat-soluble vitamins are often flushed out or lost in the absence of bile. When you take a small amount of this extract with a meal, you’ll be able to metabolize some of the most complex minerals in your body, which in turn results in better health.

May help treat liver diseases

Liver diseases such as cirrhosis and hepatitis may be treated with a regular intake of ox bile extract. Cirrhosis is a liver disease often resulted by high alcohol intake, but also may be caused by hepatitis. According to Baseline of Health Foundation, a supplemental dosage of ox bile extract with food is needed to compensate for the lack of bile in the digestive tract.

How to Take Ox Bile Extract:

Ox bile extract is usually prepared in capsule or pill, or loose powder form. If you have a difficulty in digesting fats, start taking one 500 mg capsule before taking meals.

Halal Bovine Collagen Powder

Category: Pharmaceuticals, Food,Cosmetics Raw materials and Ingredients

Bovine Collagen


The BOVINE collagen produced is 100% pure.


Our bovine collagen is a “Free From” product, so does not contain any type of allergen.


Our facilities are Kosher KO and Halal certified FDA, USA and EU Veterinary Authority registered.


The hydrolyzed collagen consists of amino acids that play an important role in development and health. More specifically, our products hydrolyzed gelatin consists of almost 50% of Glycerin, Hydroxyproline and Proline and contains various essential amino acids, such as Threonine, Valine, Phenylalanine, Lysine, Methionine, Leucine, Isoleucine and Histidine.


·         essential amino acids are not produced naturally by our body, but are important for our organism and we should, therefore, take them?

  • the amino acid in greater quantities in collagen, has  nutraceutical functions, is a hepatoprotective agent, an NMDA receptor agonist and micro-nutrient and also acts as an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system, in particular in the spinal cord, brain stem and retina?

one of the essential amino acids contained in collagen, among other things also promotes the function, growth and healing of healthy tissues and improves the activity of the immune system? Also, that it boosts calcium absorption, the production of carnitine and synthesis of collagen and is useful in the treatment of osteoporosis?

Hydrolyzed Keratin Peptide type :V

Category: Hair Care for Gens and Woman's

The hydrolyzed keratin collagen is made from chicken feather or duck feather and other keratin collagen, processed by enzymatic hydrolysis technology to have collagen Type V. It’s good for skin’s compatibility and moisture, easily absorbed by hair and it stops the wound of the hair. It will relieve the active agents in the cosmetics and stimulate the effect on hair. It’s widely used in the high-end cosmetic industry.                                  Source: Animal hair.                  Description: Light yellow powder, fully soluble in water.                                        Particle size:  100 mesh.           Applications: Shampoo, hair care products, cosmetics, etc. The Index of Quality of our hydrolyzed keratin Collagen as follows:                          Hydrolyzed keratin peptide collagen Type V.        Organizational form Uniform powder, no caking                                                                  Color: Canary yellow powder                 Taste and smell: With this product unique taste and smell, no smell                   Impurity: No visible exogenous impurity   Protein: ≥85.0(Dry basis) 90.3 %
Moisture:≤7.0    5.43 %
Ash:≤7.0    3.50/td>       

pH:6.67%    5.5-7.5    5.99  (Dal)       Average molecular weight :<2000(mg/kg)
Heavy Metals    (Pb)    ≤0.50        
    (As)    ≤0.50        
     (Hg)    ≤0.50         
     (Cr)    ≤2.00         
     (Cd)    ≤0.10          (CFU/g)
Total Bacteriast    n=5, c=2, m=104, M=5×105    90       (MPN/g)
Coliforms    n=5, c=1, m=10, M=102 <3       
Harmful Bacteria(Salmonella,
Shigella, C Vibrio parahaemolyticus,
CStaphylococcus aureus)    

Negative Not Detected.   

Chicken collagen type: II

Category: Ingredients of Cosmetics and supplement

It is made from fresh chicken chest cartilage and is extracted by advanced directed bio-enzyme digestion technology. It is rich in type II collagen and chondroitin sulfate.

Source:Fresh chicken breast cartilage
Description: Off-white soft powder, no odor.Particle size:100 mesh available Applications:Medicines and health products, beverages and food, etc.               CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS             Chicken Collagen Type II powder         Deep Frozen Chicken Sternum Cartilage Food for Human Consumption Item    Appearance:Light yellow to tan color    Corresponds: Visual   Odor:Neutral                                Solubility:100% cold water       Mesh size:100% thru 80 mesh        Molecular Weight:> 20K D                                       Collagen Type II Protein:50% min    60%     
Mucopolysaccharide:15% min          
Hyaluronic acid:10% min          Chondroitin:    20% min    27.7%          
Glucosamine:    3% min    6.5%      
Moisture: < 10%    4.0%   
Fat: < 5%    0.1%                                              Heavy Metals Total:    NMT 20 ppm                                                                                            Heavy Metals (Lead):    NMT 2 ppm   
Heavy Metals (Arsenic):  NMT 3 ppm       
Heavy Metals (Mercury):    NMT 2 ppm    Heavy Metals (Cadmium):    NMT 2 ppm     

E. coli:Negative          Salmonella:Negative         

Packaging:    25kg double poly lined fiber drum.      

Storage:    Store in a cool dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.

Recommended storage temperature 40-80˚F.     

100% Halal Bovine Gelatin powder

Category: Ingredient of food and pharmaceuticals

Hydrolyzed Bovine Gelatin is a protein product produced by partial hydrolysis of collagen, a protein material, extracted from animal tissue such as skin and bone. The Gelatin molecule is made up of Amino Acids joined together by Amide Linkages in a long molecular chain.1.    Guaranteed complete traceability through selection of suppliers                     2.     Multiple uses State of the art labs.   CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS A purified, Type B, Gelling protein obtained from collagen extracted from bovine-hide   Product: Gelatin Bloom 180   Grade: Food/ Pharma                       Appearance:Faintly yellow to light-tan in the forms    of granule coarse to fine powder.       Bloom Strength. (Gel Strength):185 ±5        Viscosity:(6.67%Solution)mps 35 ±5.0                                                                   Ash:    %    <1          
Loss on Drying    (Moisture):    %    ≤13        
pH:    (1.5% Solution)    -    5.6 ±0.5        
Particle Size:    Mesh    6-8    -             Protein: %    >86                                Sulphur Dioxide    (SO2):    ppm    ≤13.6         
Arsenic (As):    ppm    ≤1
Lead (Pb):    ppm    ≤4                 Mercury (Hg):   ppm    ≤0.05        
Microbiological                                                Total Plate Count:cfu/g    ≤1,000         Coliform Count:    cfu/g    Absent in 10g     
Escherichia coli Count:    cfu/g    Absent in 10g         
Salmonella:    cfu/g    Absent in 25g        Yeast and Molds Count:    cfu/g    ≤100        Packaging :Packing size    25 Kg/Bag      
Packaging Material    Outer White Printed Polypropylene Bags + Inner Polyethylene Liner + Plastic Tie       Storage Condition    Store in a dry place at room temperature       Shelf Life    5 years shelf-life                         un-opened bag.      

Ginseng peptide

Category: Food,Cosmetics and Medical health care product, etc.   


Ginseng is recognized as best among herbs and medicines. Ginseng peptide is a small molecular peptide with molecular weight below 1000 Dalton extracted from ginseng by advanced bio-enzymatic hydrolysis process. Ginseng peptide has good nutritional properties and is a promising functional food raw material. 



Off-white powder, fully soluble in water;
Particle size:
100 mesh

Soybean Protein peptide

Category: Medicines and health products, beverages and food, etc.

A small molecular peptide obtained by using soybean protein as raw material, directed bio-enzyme cutting technology, and advanced separation technology. Compared with ordinary soybeans, soybean peptide are more easily absorbed by the body without increasing the burden on the digestive organs. The protein is more than 90%, and the 8 amino acids necessary for the human body are complete. soybean peptide has good nutritional properties and is a promising functional food raw material.  Source:
Soybean Protein
Off-white powder or granule, fully soluble in water;
Particle size:
100\80\40 mesh

Fish Collagen Peptide

Category: Medicines and health products, cosmetic and food, etc.

The small molecule fish collagen peptide, extracted from tilapia scale and skin by world’s advanced biological cryogenic enzymatic hydrolysis technology, is widely used in food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products.

Scale and skin
Off-white powder or granule, fully soluble in water; Small fine beige particles, fast soluble in water.
Particle size:
100/80/40 mesh available

Applications:               Medicines and health products, cosmetic and food, etc.

Marine Fish Collagen peptide

                                           Category: Medicines and health products, beverages and food, etc. 

The small molecular marine fish collagen peptide, extracted from deep-sea cod skin by world’s advanced biological cryogenic enzymolysis and low-temperature concentration process, is widely used in food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. 

Sea fish skin

off-white powder, fully soluble in water;
Particle size:
100/80/40 mesh
Medicines and health products, beverages and food, etc.

Walnut Protein peptide

Category: Medicines and health products, beverages and food, etc.

Used walnut protein is extracted by the bio-enzymatic technique. It is rich in 8 kinds of amino acids essential to the human body. It is a new type of nutrient. Walnut peptide has a good nutritional property and is a promising and safe functional food raw material. 

Walnut protein

light yellow or brown powder,fully soluble in water.
Particle size:
100 mesh Applications:

Medicines and health products, beverages and food, etc.

Pea Protein peptide

                                               Category: Medicines and health products, beverages and food, etc.                                  

A small molecule active peptide obtained by using a bio-synthesis enzyme digestion technique using pea and pea protein as raw materials. The pea peptide completely retains the amino acid composition of pea, contains 8 essential amino acids that the human body cannot synthesize by itself, and their proportion is close to the recommended mode of FAO/WHO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and World Health Organization). The FDA considers peas to be the cleanest plant product and he has no transfer fund risk. Pea peptide has a good nutritional property and is a promising and safe functional food raw material.

Ovalbumin Protein Peptide

Category: Medicines and health products, beverages and food, etc.

Ovalbumin peptide is a small molecular bio active peptide, produced from fresh egg whites by unique biological enzymolysis technology.
Average molecular weight:
Egg whites                                   (chicken or duck egg)

Light yellow powder, fully

soluble in water.

Particle size:
100 mesh

Medicines and health products.

beverages and food.

Wheat Protein peptide

Category: Medicines and health products, beverages and food, etc.

A small molecular peptide obtained by using wheat protein as a raw material, through directed bio-enzyme digestion technology and advanced membrane separation technology. Wheat oligopeptides are rich in methionine and glutamine, and wheat oligopeptides are widely used in foods and health products.  Source:
Wheat Protein
Light yellow powder or granules, fully soluble in water.
Particle size:
100/80/40 mesh available

Ossein Powder

Category: Raw Material of Gelatin Production and Pharmaceuticals.

Product Specification: Grade Standard    Food Grade, Medicine Grade API Form    Powder

Product Description: Ossein Hydroxyapatite is a natural calcium salt. The presence of naturally evolved hydroxyapatite & protein (collagen) in their natural ratio makes this products MCHC an unmatched choice over other calcium supplement in the market & even forms the back bone product of some major pharmaceutical formulators. 

Omega 3 & 6 Oil

Category: Omega-3 fatty acids are in a class of medications called antilipemic or lipid-regulating agents.

Unrefined oil is dedicate for dogs and cats of all ages.

Its unique composition:

    helps to maintain beautiful and shiny fur
    prevents drying and over-drying peeling of the skin.

Recommended during the fur shedding period, in case of skin irritation, dandruff and seborrhoea.

Protein Plus Binder Powder

Category: Our gelatin is used mainly in aqua feed  ( fish and shrimps) specially shrimps feed & Pet food.

Protein content 85% minimum and 98% maximum. Manufactured from halal cattle  bones 20-100 mesh. Salmonella  is negative .

Used to add on the feed ingredients of fish , our gelatin helps to increase the stability of the food pellets in the water , it makes the pellets float and last in water for a long time which is needed by shrimps.  Gelatin binder makes the pellets soft and durable.

Di-Calcium Phosphate

Category: For use as an over the counter calcium and phosphate supplement, antacid, or a source of calcium and phosphate in toothpaste

Di-calcium phosphate is the calcium phosphate with the method CaHPO₄ and its dihydrate. The “di” prefix inside the not unusual call arises because the formation of the HPO₄2– anion includes the removal of two protons from phosphoric acid, H₃PO₄.

  • Top quality manufacturing labs

  • Multiple uses

  • Experienced scientists


Category: Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients

Certificate of Analysis
Product name: Florfenicol  
CAS No.   73231-34-2 
  Molecular Weight   358.213   Conforms   Density   1.5±0.1 g/cm3   Conforms     
Boiling Point   617.5±55.0 °C at 760
mmHg Conforms      Molecular 
Formula   C12H14Cl2FNO4S  Conforms     
Melting Point   153 °C   Conforms     
Flash Point   327.3±31.5 °C   Conforms       

Exact Mass   357.000458   Conforms   

PSA   91.85000   Conforms     

Vapour Pressure   0.0±1.9

mmHg at 25°C   Conforms    

Hydroxylamine hydrochloride

Category: Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients

Certificate of Analysis
Name : Hydroxylamine
CAS No.   5470-11-1  Items   Specification   Result   
Appearance   White crystal   White crystal     
weight   69.49   Conforms Assay   99%min   Conforms Water   ≤0.3%   Conforms      
Sulfate   ≤0.003%   Conforms 
Iron salt   ≤0.0003%   Conforms     
Heavy metal   ≤0.0005%   Conforms 
Ignition residue   ≤0.02%   Conforms  
Melting point   155-158 ºC   Conforms     
Boiling point   56.5°Cat760mmHg   Conforms     
Application   Pharcaceutical Intermediates    

Isobutyric anhydride

Category: Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients

                                             Certificate of Analysis
                                                   Product name:            Isobutyric anhydride   

                                                           CAS No. 97-72-3     
Melting point   -56 °C (lit.)   Conforms     
Boiling point   182 °C (lit.)   Conforms     
                                          Density   0.954 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.)   Conforms     
                                                            Flash point   152 °F   Conforms     
                                 Storage   Storage at RT   Conforms     
                    Form   Liquid   Conforms     
Color    Colorless   Conforms    

Phosphoric acid

Category: Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients

Certificate of Analysis

Product name   Phosphoric acid  
CAS no.   13598-36-2  
Appearance   White Crystal   White Crystal     
Smell   Without smell   Without smell     
Main content(based on H3PO3)   99% min   99.31%     
Chloride (Cl)   0.001%max   0.0004%     
Iron (Fe)   0.005% max.   0.0009%     
Sulphate (SO4)   0.001% max.   0.0005%     
Phosphate (PO4)   0.3% max.   0.03%     
Main content(based on H3PO3)   99% min   99.31%     
Chloride (Cl)   0.001%max   0.0004%     
Iron (Fe)   0.005% max.   0.0009%    


We are FDA approved and GMP & HALAL and Kosher certified manufacturer in Bangladesh. We have been starting manufacturing of Dietary Supplements, Gelatin Powder for Pharmaceuticals & Food grade using human consumption as well as pet’s.

Bangladesh is the BSF risk free country for bovine items. So we have been using the large sources of bovine raw materials for producing our dietary supplements and gelatin powder. We have ensured you 100% Halal, Natural & Only one Ingredient for our production.

At all of our production maintaining of FDA instruction & modern machinery.  We also follows “Third Party Tasted” methods, it means our final products are treated by Bangladesh government organization Bangladesh Atomic Energy (AERE), Savar, Bangladesh. The Microbiological report and certificate will provide at every shipment by Bangladesh government and products are 100% excellent quality.

We have been serving as raw materials form of powder for manufacturer, tablets for private labeling and own brand worldwide international marketing.

Interested company/person please contacts urgently for free samples and documentations.

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Drum of  Processed Splits Hide




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